“The first chalkstream I ever fished was the River Piddle at Tolpuddle and it is forever set in my mind as the most perfect chalkstream in England. Its ancient hatch pools, its water meadows, its many channels, its beautiful, fat trout and deep wildness, all add up to fishing perfection.

I fish there every May now and wouldn’t swap those days for anywhere else in the world. The Frome is another favourite of mine, especially between Maiden Newton and Frampton: the undercut banks and rattling shallows make perfect dry fly water and the river is stuffed with free-rising wild fish.

Richard Slocock is lucky enough to have access to the best of these two rivers … but he deserves it as he looks after them perfectly.”

Charles Rangely Wilson author of fishing books and President of the Wild Trout Trust.

2014 This year I have had the most memorable fishing ever. I have enjoyed my first season beyond all expectations, the fishing has been superb, and the rivers stunningly beautiful. I have found tranquility and calm along with challenge and adventure. I can’t wait for the next season to kick off.Many thanks with all your help and the hard work that goes into making the syndicate so wonderful

Best regards

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Richard – my grateful thanks for a magnificent Season on the Piddle this year!The fishing has been simply outstanding and probably the best Season I have had in terms of the overall fishing experience.

It has been simply marvelous. You were absolutely right by the way about the expectations you had for the September fishing on the Piddle.

It has been great fun and superb fishing! 48 fish in the month up to 21 inches and I only count fish above 8 inches. The Piddle is an absolute gem unknown to most! I was at a book launch recently in Hampshire for a Fishing book and people there in a Q@A were complaining about the fact that there was no rise on their waters after the Mayfly and the only way to catch trout was on nymphs.

Well….that is the secret of a wild trout fishery and why the Piddle is so wonderfully managed by you and your team. If you put in stock fish only and do not nurture the wild fish then you end up with fish just sitting on the bottom.

Of those 48 fish I caught in September 46 were on dry fly and 2 on a nymph.

Thank you so much again Richard – roll on April 2015 and a very wet winter!!!

Very best regards, Brian.


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