The last year has been a difficult time for Stillwater trout fisheries and trout farms. The war in Ukraine has resulted in a huge increase in fish feed costs; stocking costs have shot up by 25%. This, coupled with the cost of living crisis understandably dampening demand for leisure activities, means we have decided it is time for something completely new at our lakes!

We will now offer a choice of tickets:

For £26 take the first fish you catch and then release three more.

For £35 take the first two fish you catch then release three more.

We think this will enable you to enjoy more time at the lakes per visit giving better value for money; we anticipate the £26 ticket will be the most popular and is a big saving on last season’s cheapest ticket at £32 for two fish taken. We look forward to seeing more of you than last season enabling us to keep our beautiful lakes open for business.

When visiting please keep to a few simple catch and release guidelines:

  1. Use barbless hooks or pinch barbs down with long nosed pliers.
  2. Play fish as quickly as you can.
  3. Handle fish as little as possible and wet your hands in the mesh of your net before handling,

When fishing for your first one or two fish to be taken (ie when you start fishing) you may use barbed hooks but please remember to change to barbless thereafter.